199xorg presents “Jogoo Wa Shamba”

199xorg presents “Jogoo Wa Shamba”

A Fashion Story from Kenya starring Three Friends and their Extravagant Outfits

“Jogoo Wa Shamba” opens with the image of a group of three young people posed in front of a kiosk in the Kenyan countryside. The colors of the scenery are vibrant, the heat of a slow summer day practically beaming out of the screen while the three friends enjoy their day and showcase their eccentric outfits. The styling is reflective of the fun, spontaneous energy between them. Diverse textures and materials are playfully juxtaposed, yet they exude elegance and self assurance. Paired with the intricate jewelry of designer and artist Theresia Kyalo, each outfit expresses its characters unique personality.




Ronia Abra


June 20, 2023