"Victoire Will Never End'' A Captivating Congolese Art Tribute

"Victoire Will Never End'' A Captivating Congolese Art Tribute

Discover Aimé Mbuyi's Artistic Journey and Uncle Noko Emma Gadenda's Lasting Influence

“Victoire will never end” is a performance art piece created by Aimé Mbuyi that draws inspiration from the artist’s childhood in the Democratic Republic of Congo and his beloved uncle Noko Emma Gadenda. Showcasing self-printed garments as well as a wood-carved mask, this artwork not only fuses different mediums but adapts elements from traditional Congolese culture to personal means of expression, which is characteristic for Mbuyi’s practice. Through that, Mbuyi reflects on his journey as an artist, specifically the impact of his uncle's influence - it’s an homage, for having passed on to him “the passion for art and design”.


Aimé Mbuyi


Ronia Abra


May 8, 2023


Performance Art